發光二極管腕帶 LED wrist band
Purpose: for running training during evening. With flash light to warm driver to be careful driving.
Specification: 203 x 21 x 6mm, 1 x 2016 lithium battery. With 3pcs of LEDs that can be flashing or light up all the time. Battery life around 70-80 hours in flashing mode.
Color: White, yellow, pink, orange and blue.
ledwristband_1   ledwristband_2
LED wrist band with Velcro tape
Purpose: use it in the evening for Marathon training or bicycle rider. Turn on the flashing to warm the driver to drive carefully in order to protect the sportsman.
Specification: 235 x 25 mm, with 2 2032 lithium batteries. Battery life can be last for 80 hours.