Partnership with of Rongke Powder Metallurgy Factory

Rongke found in 1994 and step by step in further development and expansion. In early 2004 we have established a new plant with 3,000 square meters in Sinhui Guangdong in joint venture with Sam Sun Development ( HK ) Ltd. During the past ten years, we have gained experience, technologies and up grade our management and quality level to meet all the international standards. Our products are exported to worldwide markets.

Our professional equipments are 1. Press in 1 ton to 28 tons: 28 sets.
2. High temperature furnace, iron base: 3 sets; copper base:1 set.;
3. liquid ammonia analyze furnace: 2 sets.
4. Steam blackening oven: 3 sets.
5. Tooling making: EDM machine.
6. Quality control equipments.

Products: 1. Iron base and copper base devices: 1. gear parts; 2. meat cutters; 3. lock parts; 4. toy train’s wheel; 5. oil content bushing; 6. other irregular shape parts such for mobile, motor cycles and tractors. For home appliance: air-conditioners, washing machines, electric fans, juice machine; meat chips machine, Can opener; loaf machine and Gym equipments.7. Electric parts: electric tools, motors, micro-motors. 8. Office equipment: fax machine, copiers; lamination machines, and paper scrap machines.8. textile machines: sewing machine; knitting machines.

In 1995, we have developed the small gear of the high and low pressure foot. 1996 we have studied the iron based steam blackening and got the patent. In 1997 we produced the toy train wheels and export to the States.

In 2002 we have ISO9001 recognition. We are in serious to keep for national and international standards such as Japan JIS and American’s MPIF standard.

We are insist for principal of “ Quality first; Reputation first and Customer is the top” and in concept of quality, service and development, that keen to service for all customers.

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Steel / Copper bushing
Lock parts